Sexualities and Diversities in the Making

The project Sexualities and Diversities in the Making studies sexuality among youth in the Netherlands in everyday practices. The everyday enactment of sexuality comprises practices such as attracting and approaching; meeting and dating; labelling, categorizing and qualifying, and drawing boundaries of in/acceptable sexual behaviour. So far, these daily practices have received little attention. This qualitative research programme examines how different spaces in which youth live their lives, in particular school and social media, limit or enable possibilities to explore, experience, protect, develop or display sexuality and sexual identity. It investigates how young people enact sexuality and how this enactment relates to the production of differences and similarities. The project is a cooperation between the University of Amsterdam and Nijmegen University and is funded by Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Seksualiteit (FWOS).

The everyday enactment of sexuality comprises practices of: attracting & approaching; showing & hiding; meeting & dating; silencing & verbalizing; labelling, categorizing & qualifying; organizing private (sexual) space; in- & exclusion of peers; drawing boundaries of in/acceptable sexual behaviour. These daily practices amongst young people and their perspective on their sexuality and sexual identity have so far received little attention. In societal and scientific debates, the sexual development of adolescents is problematized or medicalized. Similarly, gender equality and the attitude of young people towards homosexuality is seen as problematic, especially in relation to multicultural diversity. Quantitative research into the sexuality of adolescents fails to attend to the dynamics of identities by defining categories of diversity beforehand, therewith reproducing existing stereotypes.

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Lezing 22 maart

Sexting, wat is nu het probleem? Lezing door Willemijn Krebbekx en Jacqueline Kleijer.

bij de Amsterdamse Academische Club

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Aankondiging promotie Willemijn Krebbekx

Making Sex, Moving Difference. An Ethnography of Sexuality and Diversity in Dutch Schools. To be defended at the University of Amsterdam, Aula, January 26th, 13.00

Marijke Naezer, Els Rommes, Willy Jansen

Building on one-and-a-half years of online and offline ethnographic fieldwork among Dutch youth, this article argues that Dutch sex educational policies inhibit rather than encourage young people’s empowerment by allowing only a limited number of sexual knowledge building practices to thrive while making others nearly impossible.

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